Safe Return to Play

Penicuik South Badminton Club

Return to Play Guidance & COVID-19 – Version 1.0

10 June 2021

In accordance with the venue and BadmintonScotland there are certain protocols that the club is required to follow to ensure a safe return to play.

The club has created and submitted a risk assessment to Midlothian Council in support of our extended let.  Please be advised of the following requirements our members must follow:

Before you arrive at the venue

  • One time or when your circumstances change:
  • It is recommended that members obtain free NHS Scotland Lateral Flow Testing Kits and register a negative test 30 mins before leaving for the venue.
  • Remember, if you feel at all unwell – STAY AT HOME
  • Register your availability to play on the Penicuik South Badminton Club WhatsApp group (as normal). Numbers are limited to 18 (at the time of writing); prioritisation will be given to Penicuik South Badminton Club Members and then on a first come, first served basis.
  • Download the “Check In Scotland” App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and create an account. Penicuik South Badminton Club has signed up to the Check In Scotland Scheme and will have a poster for your to scan on arrival to maintain our official attendance register.  Note this app is different from the NHS Track and Trace app and does not trace your movement or use Bluetooth services.  You do not need the Track & Trace app to use Check In Scotland.
  • Remember changing facilities and showers will not be available

About the Venue

  • The club will be limited to a maximum of 6 players per court, at this venue this means we cannot accommodate more than 18 players on any given night
  • Players must not enter Beeslack Community High School until Ross or Jacqui are present
  • Facemasks must be worn on entering and leaving the building
  • Car parking is at the rear of the building following the one-way system
  • Players are permitted to exit the building using the fire-doors within the games-hall to ensure an effective one-way passage
  • Toilet facilities are available, accessible from within the games-hall
  • Showering facilities are not available at the time of this guidance
  • Players should utilise hand sanitiser on entering and exiting the building
  • Players are responsible for the setup & take-down of stands & nets, including disinfecting shared equipment before and after use.
  • Penicuik South Badminton Club will provide nets for play to limit the amount of shared equipment used between School & Club

The Badminton Hall

  • Please bring only essential personal effects with you into the Badminton Hall
  • Report to the Covid Officers (Ross & Jacqui), scan the Check In Scotland Poster QR Code and make payment for your session
  • Sanitise hands prior to and after play (hand sanitiser per court will be provided)
  • Maintain social distancing while seated awaiting your turn to play

During Play

  • All discarded shuttles to be placed into the shuttle recycling container provided
  • Minimise non-essential contact with shared equipment (nets, posts, shuttles etc)
  • Please refrain from handshakes and all other non-essential physical contact with one another before, during or after play

After Play

  • Please help tidy away shared equipment – it is the club’s responsibility
  • Please ensure you exit the Badminton Hall by 9.30pm SHARP!
  • Please remember to Check Out of the Badminton Venue using your Check In Scotland App once the session has concluded.
  • Make sure you have all your belongings with you


  • The club will operate a cashless payment system where possible to limit the spread of COVID-19 and to simplify accounting.
    • Club payments should be made using contactless payment methods. The club accepts all standard debit & credit cards including Apple/Android Pay from supported devices

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